DSU Overview

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Dixie State University is a public comprehensive university that provides educational access to all students. The most affordable university in Utah, Dixie State offers students more than 150 academic programs, small class sizes, and personalized attention. Additionally, 80-plus clubs and easy access to nearby national parks make The Dixie Life truly unique.

School Facts

  • Location: St. George, Utah
  • Established: 1911
  • Size: 9,000 students
  • Status: Public university


  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Student-Faculty Ratio: 19:1
  • Classes Offered: 1,596
  • Academic Programs: 156
  • Bachelor’s Degrees: 44
  • Bachelor’s Majors: 30
  • Associate Degrees: 19
  • Associate Majors: 16
  • Certificates and Endorsements: 14
  • Student Clubs: 80+


  • Athletics: 15 NCAA Division II teams
  • Identity: Trailblazers
  • Mascot: Brooks the Bison
  • School Colors: Red, gray, dark blue, white


  • Minority: 22%
  • Gender:
    Female – 53%
    Male – 47%
  • Age:
    19 and younger – 40%
    20-24 – 35%
    25 and older – 25%
  • Residency:
    Resident – 84%
    Nonresident – 16%


Dixie State University’s “active learning. active life.” approach to education encourages students and the entire community to not just passively exist but to actively live, learn, and connect with others.

Active learning encourages students to take responsibility for their educations by participating in the learning process inside and outside of the classroom and invites them to be lifelong learners who shatter their comfort zones and embrace the future.

Simultaneously, active living empowers students to become fully involved in their communities and blaze trails that improve the lives of others. It unlocks the recreational opportunities around them and enables them to be innovative thinkers and doers.


Dixie State University is a premier open-enrollment teaching institution that offers a quality education in more than 150 academic programs at one of the lowest tuition costs in the Western United States.

Active Education

Dixie State University provides personalized and engaged learning experiences under the direction of skilled and devoted faculty and staff members.


Dixie State University is on the forefront of technology fields and health education and incorporates cutting-edge learning technologies.


Dixie State University is closely connected to its community and focuses on shaping students through experiential, civic, and service learning.


Dixie State University provides unparalleled opportunities for an active lifestyle in a world-renowned community surrounded by striking landscapes and national parks.


Dixie State University is committed to overall student success and prepares students for rewarding careers and enriched lives.


Dixie State University is built upon a rich pioneering heritage of sacrifice, determination and generosity that is still embraced by the campus community today.