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Athletic Brand Key Messages



Below are the key messages to be employed when communicating on behalf of Dixie State Athletics.


Dixie State University athletes are strong competitors who excel in their sports, challenge their opponents, are committed to improving, and do not let anything prevent them from performing at their absolute best.


Dixie State University athletes are dedicated to honoring a rich heritage, adding to the storied championships, and thanking the community for its pivotal role in teams’ successes by maintaining a commitment to excellence.


Dixie State University athletes are as committed to their work in the classroom as they are to their performance on the field; education is their top priority as they prepare for successful and meaningful careers.


Dixie State University athletes respect their coaches, teammates, opponents, and selves by exemplifying the Dixie Spirit ideals of dedication, determination, and commitment to others.


Dixie State University athletes have a passion for winning and work tirelessly to hone their skills and build team unity to represent Dixie State University with pride.


Dixie State University athletes value service and understand the vital role service plays in becoming champions on the field, within their communities, and for the future.

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