College student life is stressful; especially when all you have time for is studying and sleep. Here at Dixie State University we’re all about Redefining yourself. It doesn’t matter what you’re into because if it’s not already on campus you can start it.

The mission of Dixie State University Student Association is designed to: provide students with learning and service opportunities, offer leadership training, promote school spirit, create unity and a unique Dixie culture, link Dixie traditions with new students, offer a voice to the student body, and prepare students for future endeavors.

Once you are accepted to Dixie State University Student you are a member of the Dixie State University Student Association, and as a member you get to decide where your tuition dollars go and how you want to have fun. You can do this by joining or starting a club, going to school activities, talking with your senator, or even being on Dixie State University Student Government. Here at Dixie State University we want you to have the best University experience you can.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it.

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